[DWJ] Best Books of 2006

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Fri Dec 29 06:07:29 EST 2006

>> Farah wrote:
>> >
>> > I can't remember who it was who went around asking sf authors to name
>> > their favourite non-sf writers and was startled to see Georgette Heyer
>> > turning up on many, many lists (and from male writers as well as
>> > female).
>> Ooh. Interesting. That would explain why I have to spend so much time
>> at sf cons and fan meets listening to my gf talk to other fans about
>> Heyer - I assumed it was a slash thing.
>> Love, Ika
>No, more like the Wodehouse/Pratchett sensibility nexus. There is no
>guarantee that if you like one, you'll like the other, but if you
>really, really don't like Wodehouse there is no chance  that you'll
>like Pratchett.

Definitely interesting!  There's one Wodehouse that I think is one of
the funniest books ever written, and the rest I can take or leave alone;
there are probably seven or eight of his works in the house, none of
them Jeeves.  Pratchett I can take or leave alone, and I think there are
one or two I haven't yet given away to people who wanted them.

The Heyer/Bujold thing also interests me, because I certainly didn't 
have them bracketed together in my mind as having a shared sort of 
humour: Bujold's on record somewhere as saying that her method of 
plotting involved working out the worst possible thing that could happen 
to a character and then doing it to them to see how they coped (or words 
to that effect) and Heyer doesn't seem to me to have any of that feeling 
in her work at all.  I'd class Heyer as being far lighter than Bujold, 
and much more comfort-read -- in fact I wouldn't say Bujold was a 
comfort-read at all, even when she's funniest.  People one cares about 
get hurt and damaged in Bujold.


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