[DWJ] Attitude

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 27 20:19:57 EST 2006

Melissa Proffitt wrote many insightful things, concluding with this 

>Aside from being personally annoyed by this website, I don't know why I care
>so much about it--except that it's symptomatic of a bigger problem.  Maybe
>it isn't that big a problem, but sometimes, usually when some mother is
>telling me about how she won't let her darling child read some perfectly
>harmless book because the main character tells lies, I worry that it's
>bigger than I can imagine.
This is indeed the worrysome part, I think. The tendency to let the 
amorphous majority decide what is good, which so often means what is 
interesting is banned for lame reasons like the above. I don't like the 
idea that we can't have challenging content in books because someone 
might get offended - how else do you learn where you stand on 
contentious issues than to discuss them and think about them? Books 
ought to give you the opportunity to examine ideas of all kinds - dark, 
indifferent, downright skeevy - because surely it's better to read a 
book about cloning people and breeding them for spare parts (I'm looking 
at you, Mr Ishigoro) and get creeped out by the idea in the book, than 
to experiment with cloning in real life and then decide you don't like it.


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