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In <Pine.LNX.4.63.0612271819280.25311 at suberic.net>, deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:
>In other words, _Jade_ -- one of the most formative books of my
>childhood -- is not considered subversive by Image Cascade's
>readership. An ellided mention of homosexuality, on the other
>hand,  *is*.  If parents buy Watson's  books because they
>think they are safe inculcaters of traditional mores for their
>little girls -- well, *good*!  Subtle sneakinesses for us.

Um... Might it be that whereas there is precious little likelihood of
anyone in her teens at the moment having any chance to free slaves and
become a pirate (and as for the cross-dressing female pirates, I think
very few people get the moral abdabs about women in slacks these days)
she might just meet an ellided homosexual?[1]

<panic><panic><panic><panic><panic><moral panic><panic><panic><panic>

among the editorial staff?

Just a thought.


[1] Ouch!

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