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Wed Dec 27 08:43:13 EST 2006

In <5aa1b1180612270410g4380683alb8e4c1270d35d517 at mail.gmail.com>, Ika Willis wrote:
>I've been intrigued by people's comments about 'attitude' in relation
>to the review site Sally found - am I the only person who reads books
>primarily *for* their attitude/worldview? Or is the discomfort with
>the idea only because of the way it's being used on that specific

The impression I have (not looking at the site) is that by "attitude"
the people on the site may just mean "conformity" or "having an
attitude/message to impart that conforms with what I think is right and
good", as opposed to my suggestion that Attitude means the opposite in

I read books for what they have to say.  That may be about people or it
may be about story or it may be about ways of looking at the world or it
may be a splendid drunk-on-words feeling in them, but it generally isn't
for the pot of message at the end of the rainbow, and if I am preached
at by the author *too* obviously I discount whatever is being preached
almost without noticing.  Then I stop reading the book unless it has
other more interesting things to say.

With you half the way, in fact.  :-)


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