[DWJ] Review site again

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Tue Dec 26 19:08:43 EST 2006

I can understand the "attitude" bit, it's the "style" I don't get. The 
Changeover (Mahy, not DWJ) is one of the best books, stylistically speaking, 
that I know, yet the reviewer says it is "weak" and that the plot is 
"mediocre". I don't understand what s/he means by that. Can anyone define 
"Style" for me, on his/her own terms, without recourse to looking up a 

If we can come to some concensus I might begin to see what this person 

By the way, I see DWJ's style as being slightly abrasive, slightly acid, but 
enjoyably so. Gooseberry pie, in fact.


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