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Tue Dec 26 14:50:25 EST 2006

In <45917113.20905 at shaw.ca>, Robyn Starkey wrote:
>Oh, dear. I work so hard with my students to stop them from making these
>kinds of moralistic value judgements about books. What kinds of books
>get "exceptional" ratings for attitude? That might give a clue or two
>about their philosophy.

I am sitting here listening in memory to my seventeen-year-old ... maybe
the usage of "attitude" should be deemed to be that employed of recent
years by the Yoof -- as in "yeahright, so she's, like, Tinkerbell with
attitude, and I'm like, 'whatever you say...'."

>Oh, look! Babysitter's club books have a better "attitude" than DWJ. Oh

I sortof feel that the Yoof interpretation here makes that seem more

<wild-eyed grin>


(Happy Gladstone's Birthday to all, by the way)

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