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On Tuesday 26 December 2006 10:43, Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
> On 26/12/06, Chris Dollin <eh at electric-hedgehog.net> wrote:
> >
> > > DWJ has two books reviewed... HIDDEN TURNINGS and THE HOMEWARD BOUNDERS.
> > > Both come out Good for style and Unobjectionabe for attitude.
> >
> > I would have said that /tHB/, read all the way to the end, certainly does
> > foster a positive value, or at least a value that that some cultures view
> > as positive -- sacrificing one's own opportunities to protect others.
> >
> > ("But you wouldn't believe how lonely it gets.")
> >
> And that you shouldn't accept "revealed wisdom". And that game playing
> with people's lives (ie most politics) is wrong; and that if the rules
> are oppressive you should climb right out of them (reiterated in The
> Sage of Threare). And that the natives always get brutalised by
> colonials if they dare to retaliate. And probably rather a lot of
> other rather subversive ideas.

How can you be so competent on Boxing Morning? It's unfair! 
You are right,of course.

Argh. I already have too many books to read. It's not time to reread
/tHB/! It isn't! 


Chris the Hedgehog

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