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Chris Dollin eh at electric-hedgehog.net
Tue Dec 26 05:30:22 EST 2006

On Tuesday 26 December 2006 01:20, Sally Odgers wrote:
> I discovered a site yesterday called goodtoread.org which is a large list of 
> children's books reviewed according to plot and sometimes character. Two 
> checklists that almost all of them have are STYLE (poor, weak, average, 
> good, exceptional, classic) and ATTITUDE (objectionable, take-care, 
> unobjectionable, positive, exceptional).

Their explanation of "attitude" seems to be rather subjective, eg they say
for "Unobjectionable" "... a book does not promote anything wrong, nor
yet nor does it foster any particular positive value": what's "wrong" is
going to depend heavily on the reviewer's culture. (I'm thinking of things
like attitudes to nudity, sex, authority, exploration, independance, fantasy,
magic/"the occult", etc.) Their "How do you decide" link is broken.

> DWJ has two books reviewed... HIDDEN TURNINGS and THE HOMEWARD BOUNDERS. 
> Both come out Good for style and Unobjectionabe for attitude.

I would have said that /tHB/, read all the way to the end, certainly does
foster a positive value, or at least a value that that some cultures view
as positive -- sacrificing one's own opportunities to protect others.

("But you wouldn't believe how lonely it gets.")

Chris the Hedgehog

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