[DWJ] review site

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Mon Dec 25 20:20:06 EST 2006

I discovered a site yesterday called goodtoread.org which is a large list of 
children's books reviewed according to plot and sometimes character. Two 
checklists that almost all of them have are STYLE (poor, weak, average, 
good, exceptional, classic) and ATTITUDE (objectionable, take-care, 
unobjectionable, positive, exceptional). I'd love to hear what some of you 
think of this. I think there may be more than one reviewer, but honestly... 
who could call Margaret Mahy's "The Changeover" (one of my favourite books) 
"weak" in style?

DWJ has two books reviewed... HIDDEN TURNINGS and THE HOMEWARD BOUNDERS. 
Both come out Good for style and Unobjectionabe for attitude.


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