[DWJ] DWJ Names Invade My Mind

Kyra Jucovy klj at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Thu Dec 14 18:29:35 EST 2006

I'm writing a paper just now that is partly on _The Bostonians_, and I
just realized that instead of writing "Verena Tarrant," I've been writing
"Verena Bland."  Whoops!  I think that those are probably the only two
people, fictional or real, whom I've ever heard of with the name Verena,
which is probably why the confusion.  And I suppose that _Aunt Maria_ and
_The Bostonians_ are both about gender roles. . . .


"The balloon of experience is in fact of course tied to the earth, and
under that necessity we swing, thanks to a rope of remarkable length, in
the more or less commodious car of the imagination; but it is by the rope
we know where we are, and from the moment that cable is cut we are at
large and unrelated: we only swing apart from the globe - though remaining
as exhilerated, naturally, as we like, especially when all goes well.
			---Henry James, Preface to _The American_

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