[DWJ] DWJ, Time of the Ghost, and awful childhoods

Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 11 06:15:48 EST 2006


Deborah wrote:
>Now that I think of it, TotG is so pessimistic that there's no hope at all 
>for the child protagonists.  One interpretation
>is that the child protagonists are doomed, but they have one hope: to grow 
>up as quickly as possible, because childhood is going to suck like nobody's 
>business, and if they can get it over with as quickly as possible they can 
>get on with the less miserable parts of life.

I think knowing that they've cheated Moniganm and saved Sally-in-the-future 
would give them a much more concrete sense of there being a future time when 
they could get away, though- if they can look after each other for a few 
more years thay'll be all right.

>Not really a children's book conclusion at all, when you think
>about it.

Ah! I suspect that you've put your finger on what always makes me think of 
TotG as a YA, and be surprised by how young the protagonists a re when I 
reread it.


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