[DWJ] Baby Brains (was Urgent request for suggestions)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Mon Dec 11 03:57:47 EST 2006


> > Otherwise, I'm currently in love with Oliver James (Baby Brains, A
> > Walk in the Woods)
> Truly? I hated Baby Brains. Each of the book has a trajectory of
> adventure to a dire warning of not to go too far and leave mummy
> behind.
> I much prefer Maybe One Day by Frances Thomas and Ross Collins in
> which the little monster imagines his way out of the galaxy.

Well, I quite often like children's books which say things that I
needed to know when I was a child, but that I was never told - the
books work like written rejoinders to the unwritten messages I
absorbed when I was little. So I love Baby Brains because it says that
being clever doesn't necessarily mean you have no emotional needs, and
it doesn't mean you *have* to go into space and never get to see your
mummy again.

(ObDWJ: This is reminding me of Venturus somehow - I wonder why?)

Love, Ika

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