[DWJ] Urgent request for suggestions

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I think I could talk about most if not all of the books I mentioned for 80
minutes. Then again, I think that's more a reflection on myself than on the

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Ika Willis wrote:

> Otherwise, I'm currently in love with Oliver James (Baby Brains, A
> Walk in the Woods) but I'm not sure he's doing anything particularly
> distinctive/exciting with the medium, which I'm guessing is one of
> your criteria for teaching?

Well, I'd rather teach good books than bad books, but otherwise, I'm
looking for books that have a number of elements to them: interesting
writing and/or interesting illustrations, and content that explores one
(or more) of the themes we are discussing. For example, The Water Hole
has fabulous pictures but really simple text, so that makes an
interesting contrast, and it's a counting book, but it's also a strongly
environmental book. So there's a lot in it to talk about.

I guess my main criteria is - could you talk about the book you
suggested for 80 minutes?


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