[DWJ] Re:younger books

Devra at aol.com Devra at aol.com
Sun Dec 10 15:13:51 EST 2006

Which reminds me, I'm suffering from an elder moment, and can't remember  the 
author or title of a nice book... Mr Bear wants to go to sleep, but his wife  
is snoring, and the clock is ticking, so he goes to sleep in Baby Bear's 
room,  but Baby Bear is playing with his planes, going 'Vroom! Vroom!" 'Oh, No, I 
can't  stand this!" says Mr Bear, so he goes to sleep in the living room... I 
can see  the damned art in front of me...
There's always 'If you give a mouse a cookie..'  The rest are just  copies, 
but the first one is good. And 'The bag I that I'm taking to  Grandma's' - not 
the right title... sigh. A mere four years, and all my  librarian nerve 
endings have died.  Then there's 'What Grandmas Can't Do',  a sweet sort of story 
(also mothers, fathers...)

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