[DWJ] DWJ, Time of the Ghost, and awful childhoods

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Sun Dec 10 13:16:34 EST 2006

I loved the ending; I loved knowing the girls all turned out ok; that they
used their considerable brains to overcome the self-esteem issues their
father saddled them with.

It did have that ring of truth.

Mary Ann G.

> And then I thought about it for a minute, and said, "Well, except
> for Diana Wynne Jones.  She had such an awful childhood that
> *her* semi-autobiographical fantasy novel is almost unreadably
> pessimistic, and is far *less* optimistic and hopeful about the
> future than anything else she's written. "  Now that I think of
> it, TotG is so pessimistic that there's no hope at all for the
> child protagonists.  One interpretation is that the child
> protagonists are doomed, but they have one hope: to grow up as
> quickly as possible, because childhood is going to suck like
> nobody's business, and if they can get it over with as quickly as
> possible they can get on with the less miserable parts of life.
> Not really a children's book conclusion at all, when you think
> about it.
> -deborah
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