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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 9 17:08:25 EST 2006

Are Jeannie Baker's (sp?)  books available in your neck of the woods "Window", "Where the Forest Meets the Sea" etc. I'd suggest a browse in a bookshop as there are some wonderful picture books out there.


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Hi List

I just got asked at the last minute to teach lit for young children (up 
to 8) again, and of course this means some of my books from last year, 
which are a little harder to get, are not going to be viable choices. 
I'm looking for good picture book suggestions, for things that are 
easily available (so probably newer, or "classic"). Currently on the list:

The Water Hole
Where the Wild Things Are
The Sneetches
Rapunzel (the one with the faux renaissance pictures)
The 3 little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
The Terrible Underpants

I'd appreciate your inputs.


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