[DWJ] losing words (was Tropes and other such)

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Fri Dec 8 01:06:58 EST 2006

Minnow wrote:

Does it matter, if in the end one cannot say "I care
for you" without it having a negative connotation that
stifles the impulse at birth, and the dying father
(who would shy away embarrassed from "I love you") is
left uncomforted (though fed and washed)?


What about "I care about you", or is that too

And on the uninterested/disinterested subject, about
25 years ago, in a junior-year no-fiction writing
class, the prof asked us to explain the difference.  I
was the only one who could.  He was visibly surprised
and asked if I planned to be a lawyer.  I didn't slay
him with a glance, but did answer, hoity-toity, like
Bridget Jones, the I "read a lot."

He was actually a good teacher, AND invited the whole
bunch of us to his house for pizza once....

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