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Minnow, this was a great idea. It really tied the whole thing together, 
especially since The Tough Guide was being used in another session to 
point out 'overused fantasy tropes'...

Hm.. does tropes in this sentence really mean what it's supposed to 
mean? I looked the word up in the OED and it was defined as merely a 
figure of speech...

> >In a moment of madness, I suggested that I could present on:
> >"Beyond the herb-wife: feminism and the fantasy herbalist."
> >at Darkovercon. (in a week and a half from now).
> >The program chair took me up on it.
> >
> >So, now I have to write something to present. Urgh.
> >
> >Any suggestions of fantasy herbalist
> >characters I can throw in, I'll happy to take.  Or other ideas...
> How about starting with the entries in DWJ's *The Tough Guide to
> Fantasyland* on "herbs" and "herbwoman"?  The entry on "fever" also
> suggests that a cup of herbal tea will cure everything.  That gives you a
> nice touch of light silliness to make people laugh and like you.  :-)
> I assume that there must be herbal remedies on Darkover, but since I
> haven't read the books for about twenty years I can't remember.
> Minnow
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