[DWJ] The Importance of Bananas

Ridge, Judith Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au
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I bought three bananas today, the first I have bought in over a year. I have Job Interview for a Major Promotion one week from today, so I figured I should indulge in the fruit that is good for the brain.

Wish me luck!


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> A much better idea. Bananas are ingeniously packaged. I heard a  
> lecture once
> from an industrial designer who extolled the "design" of the banana  
> peel: it
> protects the product, segments it into individual portions, has its  
> own
> built-in opening device, can be used to keep ones hand clean while  
> consuming
> the product, and also - most ingenious of all, he claimed - it  
> changes color
> to reflect the changing quality of the product over time.

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