[DWJ] warning

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Dec 4 11:21:52 EST 2006

I hate to be peevish, but I saw a copy of the new edition of  the *Skivers'
Guide* over the weekend, and it's shockingly badly produced.  I conclude
that it was scanned and then left entirely unproofed, judging by the
frequency of small silly errors: open (, close ', for example, missing
commas and full stops, and letters simply wrong, the worst example I happen
to have noticed being the instruction "Faint in the grass" being printed as
"Pains in the grass", which if one didn't happen to know what it is meant
to be would be pretty-much incomprehensible.

It's a shame.

I just hope that nobody here bears any of the blame for this.


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