[DWJ] Giant Under the Snow

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Thu Aug 31 19:53:56 EDT 2006

> have read John Gordon¹s The Giant Under the Snow. It¹s recently been
> anything about its ³heritage². That is, was it a popular book of its time?

It was in our public library, Judith... and I recall borrowing it two or 
three times, but I have never actualy READ it. There must have been 
something about the first few paras or the first chapter that put me off. I 
recall a lot of books like that - The Hobbit, for example.  I think it 
is/was usually either writing style or else some gratuitous bit of 

Sallyo - (just done my Literacy Week Bit in two high schools and a primary. 
One school arranged it privately with me - and paid for my three days. The 
other two schools were arranged by the Ed Dept... and payeth not. It's odd, 
but I don't mind TALKING without pay so much, but find myself furiously 
resenting the cost of the petrol! (earlier this month I did a five day 
stint - again arranged from On High, and again paying no petrol money... or 
GST. I figured out that I spent close to 10 hours driving that week.

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