Impossible tasks (was Re: [DWJ] Catching up)

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Wed Aug 30 19:29:56 EDT 2006

Minnow said: 

I think the collection of Arthur I had as a young child was slightly
unusual in the stories it included: it had a wonderful
opening, in which he was the son of an innocent princess and a "wicked
fairy" -- I remember that the wicked fairies said things backwards, so
they said "good" the echoes said "bad" -- saved from being utterly
by being baptised in the nick of time, or some such, and then he grew up
a magical forest all on his own with stags for company, before he got
involved in the story of the Wicked King building the tower that kept on
falling down because of the two dragons fighting in a lake underneath
I think that whole bit of early childhood usually gets covered in about
three sentences rather than a chapter.

I had that one too! It was actually one my mother had as a child, so
must date from at least as early as the 1920s. It had wonderful coloured
pictures of beautiful maidens and squires in the most romantic clothes.
No wonder when I first came across the pre-Raphaelites the pictures felt
I would put this book as a major formative influence on my young life,
and I re-read it many times, till it was falling to bits.


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