[DWJ] Wire in the Blood

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Tue Aug 29 17:49:40 EDT 2006

Melissa said; The later ones...well, I can only take so much of the torture, 
> and slavery.

... which reminds me of the TV series of Val McDirmid's (sp?) WIRE IN THE 
BLOOD.  We've just been having the new series and I've half-decided not to 
watch it any more. I like the set-up, and the main characters, and the plots 
are ingenious, but I'm fed up with the graphic and very nasty violence.

ODWJ - DWJ goes in for nasty charactes, and nasty situations but she's not 
GRAPHIC.  Mind you... she's a children's writer. So is/was John Christopher 
though, and he (in that trilogy (The Tripods?)... CITY OF GOLD AND LEAD etc) 
got a bit nasty. Or maybe my memory is making more of it than there was.



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