[DWJ] Re: Nettle Shirts

Paul Andinach pandinac at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Aug 28 09:16:15 EDT 2006

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006, Sally Odgers wrote:

> Someone, maybe Paul, said:
> > In the version I know, she's explicitly his ex, so it always made
> > sense to me as an elaborate version of "We might get together
> > again some day - let me know if you see Satan buying ice skates..."
> ...and I, coming in late after being disconnected for a while,
> wonder if this song is "Scarborough Fair".

Minnow didn't actually say. But certainly that's what I assumed, and
I'd be very surprised to find that there was another song with so many
details in common.

> Oddly, the narrator isn't talking to his ex, but asking someone else
> to talk to her on his behalf.

"Save me from all the trouble and the pain
 I know I'm weak, but I can't face that girl again
 Tell her the reasons why I can't remain
 Perhaps she'll understand if you tell it to her plain

 And if she asks you why, you can tell her that I told you..."

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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