[DWJ] Catching up

Kyla Mackay-Smith kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Sun Aug 27 22:36:31 EDT 2006

On Sun, 27 Aug 2006, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

> On Sun, 27 Aug 2006 15:17:50 -0400 (EDT), Kyla Mackay-Smith wrote:
> >I would have said that the others ranged from mildly entertaining to
> >downright awful and embarrassing. Luckily, "Winterfair Gifts" by itself is
> >available for download (http://www.dendarii.com/inprint.html#web) and my
> >husband has it, so we didn't have to pay for stories we won't reread.
> Oh, good to know!  I keep putting off getting it from the library because I
> am Lazy and have far too much else to read anyway.  (Because I am Lazy.)

My main reaction to the story by Catherine Asaro was "this woman has been
getting *awards*?" I feel that there could have been an interesting story
in there, had she gone with the arranged marriage, but no, we had to read
about stupid teenagers running off because they're sooooo in looooove.

There's so much plastic in this culture that vinyl
leopard skin is becoming an endangered synthetic.
       --Lily Tomlin

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