[DWJ] Catching up

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania.s at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Aug 27 13:12:42 EDT 2006

Hi all,
I finally caught up with the dwj list backlog and below is a few comments to 
old and extinct threads. I have been busy /worried - Stephen (offspring ) is 
off to college to learn to be a farrier fairly imminently and so I have a 
mass of attendant worries- my baby's leaving home, it's going to cost lots 
of money, I don't have lots of money, will he stick with it, will he be OK- 
it goes on and on and around and around.

Time for the aforementioned comments:

There is another Wayland- Tony Wieland the metallurgist in Julian May's 
Pliocene Exiles quadrilogy. And a propos another ancient thread, I chuckled 
at the ex-pizza parlour employee making pizza for the Firvulag king.

I love this series and reread it regularly, last time quite recently. I must 
say I was very unimpressed with the Trillium series which May co-authored, 

I remember being very surprised that May was a woman- I found out some time 
after I read the Exiles for the first time.

Anita Graham wrote: Re Bujold: I have sort of stopped. I don't have 
Winterfair Gifts /snip

Winterfair gifts? What's that? I thought I read all of Miles!

Donner kebab- my (estranged for over 20 years but we never got round to 
divorcing) husband once commented 'I wonder who's the donor?' (he is fond of 
dreadful puns)

Minnow: I got this story mixed up later with the ?folk-song? about the 
tasks: the man demanding that his girl show her devotion by finding land
between low and high tidemarks on which to grow a very small crop of some
improbable weed, then use the weed to make him a seamless shirt, with
impractical-sounding tools for the cultivation and the preparation of the
cloth.  The jerk! thought I.  Why didn't she just dump him?

Aaah, Scarborough Fair (the longer version not the Simon and Garfunkel one). 
Another set of impossible conditions is found in Y Mabinogi, where 
Blodeuwedd winkles out of Lleu Llaw Gyffes how to kill him (he must stand 
neither outdoors nor under a roof, neither riding nor walking and neither in 
water nor out of it) and she then persuades him to DEMONSTRATE to her just 
how it could be done, and surprise, surprise (to Llew, at any rate!) her 
lover Gronw is there with a spear at the ready.

Jadwiga Z: If anyone cares to share information about works, reference 
works, etc.
that they would find particularly helpful in studying fairy-tales, I
would be grateful. I'm working on the 'pathfinder'/class library handout
for a
seminar on German Fairy Tales: Their Dark Origin and Popular Legacy.

The Aarne-Thompson index of motifs (exact title escapes me) in Indo-European 
fairy tales is the one everyone into folktales should glance at. You 
probably have already. I think Stith Thompson narrowed down Aarne's IE index 
to just Celtic stuff. It's been ages since I looked at my PhD thesis but 
I'll check and post the correct ref(s) if anyone wants it/them.


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