[DWJ] Cloth and paper (was Re: Buttons? was Cinderella Graph)

Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Wed Aug 23 21:19:39 EDT 2006

Hemp is cultivated as a common commercial crop in other parts of the 
world. Of  course, they use a variety of hemp that doesn't spin heads. 
Hemp is used in paper, rope, industrial felt, cosmetics (the plant's 
oil), and fabric.

Otter Perry wrote:

> On Aug 23, 2006, at 4:45 AM, Minnow wrote:
>> I have been told that the reason cannabis is an illegal drug is that the
>> best paper is made from hemp fibres, and the paper-making lobby 
>> wanted to
>> eliminate some competition at the time the classification of drugs was
>> being sorted out.  I can't remember any details, but it does sound 
>> entirely
>> possible, indeed downright plausible, given how un-dangerous cannabis
>> actually is when compared to the drugs it is classed with.
> Hemp is truly wonderful stuff.  It is not necessary to grow cannabis
> sativa in order to get hemp that makes good paper, rope, and cloth.
> Unfortunately, here in the USofA, people are so afraid that other
> people might grow cannabis sativa that it's not allowed to grow
> hemp at all.
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