[DWJ] Fairytale retellings

Aimee Smith aimees001 at netspace.net.au
Wed Aug 23 07:21:21 EDT 2006

Yay! I love fairytales and retellings!
My three favourite fairytales have always been Beauty and the Beast,  
The Wild Swans, and The Twelve Dancing Princesses. In no particular  
My Mum's old book of Andersen's fairy tales has eleven brothers, a  
sleeveless nettle shirt, and the king being deceived by jealous  
people in the palace.
I prefer the Beast as a Beast but am glad he turns into a prince,  
because otherwise the marriage issue just gets problematical in my head.
Did anyone else read Juliet Mariller's Twelve Dancing Princesses  
retelling 'Wildwood Dancing'? I read it recently, loved it (though,  
truth, it might have been better in some ways), reminded me strongly  
of McKinley and it's the only Marillier's I've read. Would like to  
I've got a (one of a few) retellings on the boil at the moment,  
rolling all the fairytales with swans and dancing into it. It's  
beautiful! And I totally relate to the comment about how they're all  
"incestuous", as they all work so very well together! My main problem  
at the moment with it is that the history and backstory are better  
than the main story, because I keep finding stories to graft onto it  
and I love finding all the connections between them all ("Hey! That  
could go there! And... that's just like that! And... oh cool, it just  
*fits*! This is much more fun than actually *writing* it..."). Bah.

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