[DWJ] Feeling sorry for Penelope (was Fire and Hemlock Question)

deborah.dwj at suberic.net deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Mon Aug 21 09:47:07 EDT 2006

Somewhat less seriously on the subject of Cinderella and gender
roles, I do adore Judith Viorst's Cinderella retelling, which I
shall reproduce in full here:

"...And Then the Prince Knelt Down and Tried to Put the Glass
Slipper on Cinderella's Foot"
by Judith Viorst 

I really didn't notice that he had a funny nose.
And he certainly looked better all dressed up in fancy clothes.
He's not nearly as attractive as he seemed the other night.
So I think I'll just pretend that this glass slipper feels too

I would rather go honestly to Hell, admitting that I leaped
knowingly into error and folly, than enter into the sweetest
Heaven men can dream of by whining that I had been pushed.
		-- Freedom & Necesssity

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