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This may be more than you all want to know.

I decided to go with the Tiffany Aching books to start. And I'm glad I did.
Wow. These are wonderful! I'm hooked for life (that's two "hooked for life"
recommendations from this list - the other being Bujold).

So, as I did with "Maurice", here are some favorite quotes from what I've
read so far (again, these may contain spoilers):

"The Wee Free Men"

- What they did sell was invisible things. And after they'd sold what they
had, they still had it. They sold what everyone needed but often didn't
want. They sold the key to the universe to people who didn't even know it
was locked.

- [Tiffany is reading the book of fairy tales] Stories like this stopped
people thinking properly, she was sure. . . . The stories werent real. But
Mrs. Snapperly had died because of stories.

- She was halfway down when the susurrus started. The hedges rustled without
a wind. The skylarks stopped singing, and while she hadn't really noticed
their song, their silence was a shock. Nothing's louder than the end of a
song that's always been there.

- [Tiffany thinking about the Fairy Queen]  You're not very clever, thought
Tiffany. You've never needed to be. You can get what you want just by
dreaming it. You believe in your dreams so you never have to _think_.

- It sounded like the smell of snow . . . . [oh, what an image!]

- "The secret is not to dream," she whispered. "The secret is to wake up.
Waking up is harder."

[I think what's stayed with me most, though, from this book (and the next)
is the idea of "first seeing, second thought" - perception and reflection -
really seeing what's going on - waking up - and watching yourself think
about it. Not new concepts, really, but Pratchett has put them in such a way
as to make them memorable to me, at least. Oh to have had this book at 12!]

"A Hat Full of Sky" [a book about "leaving behind childish things" I think]

- [Granny Aching on the chalk horse on the hill and why it doesn't realy
look like a horse] "T'ain't what a horse _looks_ like," said Tiffany. "It's
what a horse _be_."

- [Awf'ly Wee Billy] "I tell ye, my rage is the strength of the storm that
tears mountains intae sand!  Who among ye will stand against me?"

- [Granny Weatherwax] "Learnin' how not to do things is as hard as learning
how to do them. Harder maybe."

- You couldn't say: It's not my fault. You couldn't say: It's not my
responsibility. You could say: I will deal with this.

And now I'm halfway through "Mort" and loving it.



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