[DWJ] Feeling sorry for Penelope (was Fire and Hemlock Question)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Fri Aug 18 06:32:33 EDT 2006

Philip (responding to Sally) wrote:

> I think of Cinderella as a "This couldn't really be happening to me"
> character.  She doesn't ask for more, doesn't leave her name with the
> prince, etc., because she doesn't believe it's real.  The old-fashioned
> class-consciousness in the tale merely strengthens the feeling of
> unreality, or at best, once-in-a-lifetime fling.

There's a lovely discussion of Cinderella in Jenny Pausacker's Young Adult
novel *Dancing on Knives* (which I think Hallie has read - but it's only
out in Australia chiz chiz), where one of the characters* says:

'Cinderella' isn't a rags-to-riches story. It's not about waiting for your
prince or marrying into money. First and foremost, it's about a child who
suddenly finds she's not the centre of her parents' universe any longer.
She doesn't whine about it, though. She just gets on with her life and in
the end, she becomes the centre of someone else's universe. So the
message, if you want a message, is that it wasn't the child's fault, she
doesn't deserve it, and things will get better.

(I don't know if I believe it, but it's a nice twist on Sallyo's 'passive'
reading of Cinderella, I think!)

Love, Ika

*who I think is based on a real friend of Jenny's who did a thesis on
various cultures' versions of the 'Cinderella' story?

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