[DWJ] Why does Christopher travel with thegypsiesinCF?(mildspoilers)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Fri Aug 11 11:57:20 EDT 2006

(this response has mild spoilers also for 'Stealer of Souls')

someone (shawyer?) wrote:

> Perhaps, but he also has an anchor in Christopher's world (body, music).
> Otherwise once Christopher restores Tacroy's soul then Tacroy would no
> longer be
> able to spirit travel, right? I mean, beyond zipping home to his body
> after they
> all escape the Dright. Does Tacroy ever spirit travel again? I would like
> to
> think he does, in spirit, helped by his own strong magical powers.

This might clarify something I've always been puzzled by in 'Stealer of
Souls', where - IIRC - Cat notices that Tacroy isn't actually doing his
own magic: Miss Eulalie (?) is doing it for him.

But now I think of it, it seems very unlikely that having your soul
restored would *weaken* your magical abilities. Hmm. Okay, I'll think
about that some more.

Love, Ika

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