[DWJ] Why does Christopher travel with the gypsies inCF? (mildspoilers)

Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Thu Aug 10 04:55:35 EDT 2006

> Now I remember! You're right on both points. Christopher takes his
> excised life with him (on a chain around his neck)  so Gabriel can't
> track him. And he can't get to the Place Between without leaving a
> life behind.

Oh, well spotted.  I had quite forgotten that bit.

> (Millie used Asheth as her second life when she travelled in
> the Place Between.

Um.  She said she did, but I think she actually used the life she
borrowed from Christopher and hid in the temple wall.  Someone
(Gabriel?) offered to go and retrieve it at the end of Lives, but I
don't think it ever happened.

> Which brings up another question: does Tacroy have multiple lives? He
> often meets Christopher there in LOCC. If Tacroy has a single life,
> there must be other way to get to the Place Between AKA the World
> Edge.

No he doesn't.  His one life is back home in London, with a musician who
plays to anchor it.  This means (among other things) that he cannot
manifest bodily in the worlds he visits - Christopher has to drink his
chocolatl, for example - and cannot perceive the form of the world-edge
(rocks, streams etc.)

> Tacroy always has somebody playing music to his body while he spirit
> travels and he seems to use the music to find his way back to his
> body.
> Perhaps the music serves the same purpose as leaving a life behind.
> Perhaps one needs some sort of trail to get out of the Place Between
> because it all looks the same -- although Christopher can let the
> place
> push him back into the world where he belongs.
> Either way, there seems to be some kind of connection to one's home
> world. Perhaps Christopher had to travel in a way that would leave no
> connection, and travelling with the gypsies was a way to do it.

I wonder.  I think Millie managed to do it without leaving a connection.
I'm not sure whether this is related to the fact that she can actually
emigrate, while Christopher and Conrad cannot.

Mother Proudfoot could trace Millie, although this may have been via
some of the artefacts that M and C had exchanged (did Millie take all
the books with her?)  Which raises the next question, of course.  How
did Mother Proudfoot travel?  Not like Tacroy, I think - she had enough
physical presence to deliver the chest of jewels.
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