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On Apr 30, 2006, at 5:07 PM, Emma Comerford wrote:

> At 07:16 AM 1/05/2006, Elizabeth Evans wrote:
>> Philip said:
>> (Curious piece of linguistic shuffling.  Over here you do a 
>> dissertation for your master's, and a thesis for your doctor's 
>> degree.  In the US it's the other way around.  For some reason.)
>> Here in New Zealand you do a thesis for your masters and another 
>> thesis for your PhD. A dissertation is regarded as more like a rather 
>> long essay.
> Thesis for both here in Australia, although I think some (older?) 
> people call a thesis a dissertation.
> Emma

Hmmmm.  In my part of the USA [Michigan for this discussion], what
you did for a masters might be either an essay or a thesis.  Basically,
an essay was worth three credit hours and did not necessarily involve
proving anything.  A thesis was worth more -- at least six -- and had to
_be_ a thesis, but it didn't have to be original.

For a doctorate, you do a dissertation which must have an original

All clear now?


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