[DWJ] List meet North America?

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 26 18:33:56 EDT 2006

Vancouver! I could do Vancouver. Or halfway between Melissa and me, 
which is probably on top of some mountain in Montana.


deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:

>On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
>|Where's your June conference?  Too much traveling, or is it close to home?
>|I have an idea.  If we can't make a London trip work, we should really plan
>|a North American meet for this summer.  Why let our overseas friends have
>|all the fun?
>Chapel Hill, which I hear is beautiful that time of year.  Lots
>of travelling!
>Last time we tried for a North America meet, we couldn't agree on
>a place.  This continent's too darn big!  ...so I vote we all
>descend on Melissa. *g*  
>Or me.  Everyone can descend on me and my many cats.  (You know,
>we've always been great about keeping politics off list, but part
>of me really wants to take Jacob here into the People's Republic
>of Cambridge, let him loose, and watch the fireworks.  We could
>pass out popcorn.)
>Or... I dunno, Vancouver's beautiful. Almost as far away from me
>as you can get, but beautiful.
>ObDWJ: We could build Pilgrim Parties!  And hit every spot on the
>map! (which seems not to work any more)  And vanquish the Dark
>"Buffy, duck."
>"What duck?  There's a duck?"
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