[DWJ] In passing...

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 26 18:30:57 EDT 2006

>As I was typing the above I had a thought--if reading certain books makes
>you part of a select, private group, then shared knowledge of those books is
>a password that helps you identify others of the group.  If suddenly a lot
>of other people know about the password, you don't know anymore who's really
>"one of us" and who isn't.  I'm hurrying to get this down as I have to pick
>up a sick child from school, so there's overtones of elitism that I don't
>think are relevant here.  Mostly I wonder if it's not like an invasion by
>others who haven't earned the right to join the group--because avid reading
>in general and reading of speculative fiction in particular does make one
>appear peculiar to others and sometimes results in ostracism of all degrees.
You know what the meta-example of this is? It's people who are kindred 
spirits, and they know they are because they read Anne of Green Gables 
and understood what it means.


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