[DWJ] How many Aussies and Where Are We?

Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 22:24:01 EDT 2006

Ros wrote:
> This is looking a bit too far ahead, but next year the Natcon (National Con)
> will be in Melbourne, and Margaret Mahy will be here, among others. I wonder
> if we could manage a small Aussie list meet then?

Yes! I will try to be there (again). Didn't meet any list members at
this year's Natcon (Conjure in Brisbane) but lots of DWJ fans. Deep
Secret was on a lot of people's minds thanks to the peculiar layout of
the hotel. (Guests of Honour included Bruce Sterling and Cory
Doctorow, who were fascinating, but the balance wasn't skewed to far
in favour of science fiction and pure science).



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