[DWJ] List meet in London

Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at us.kline.com
Tue Apr 25 08:23:19 EDT 2006

Looks like we have enough people to make it happen!

Now we just have to arrange when and where and how to get everyone on
the list here no matter where they are located.  Wouldn't it be nice!

Do any real Londoners have suggestions as to venues?  Maybe there is a
centrally located pub somewhere where we could reserve a room?

And dates - I'm calling for a vote.  Jon will be in town 28 May to 1

Please let me know your preferences:

Sunday, 28 May 2006
Monday, 29 May 2006
Tuesday, 30 May 2006
Wednesday, 31 May 2006
Thursday, 1 June 2006
Other (please specify)


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