[DWJ] Romances

Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
Sun Apr 23 02:00:46 EDT 2006

Congratulations to all the love-birds out there, it's very romantic!

My favourite DWJ romances are hard to pick between. I really liked  
Mordian and Vierran, and Polly and Tom. But of course I love Sophie  
and Howl and Rupert and Maree. I seem to remember liking Tacroy and  
Rosalie too!

Can/Should we expand it, and ask about non-DWJ romances? Hm, perhaps  
that's waaay too many to choose from.
On Screen:
1. Most Romantic Speech: misty-morning scene in new Pride and  
Prejudice. Delicious perfection!
2. North and South - Mr Thornton and Margaret Hale. A close second.
Very soft spot:
Eccleston's Doctor Who and Rose.

In Literature:
Jane Eyre.
Daddy Long Legs / Dear Enemy.
Possibly Cecilia Dart Thornton's Bitterbynde Trilogy. Won't name the  
couple in case you've not read them yet.
Can't think of more, now.

I think they're my favourites.

Who has probably left many out and will remember them later and go  
"D'oh! Of Course!".

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