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Thu Apr 20 18:31:42 EDT 2006

Dorian E. Gray writes: 

> I do rather like Elda and Flury, too, though their romance is really only 
> hinted at.

Hmmm, it is really odd to have romance with human-gened gryphons. A bit like 
contemplating the age at which a centaur girl is adult. Her horse half (half 
in the one horse/one rabbit way) would be a teenager at 18 months and mature 
at 3.... her human half would be an infant. The Koryfon centaurs skip that 
problem (or DWJ does) by appearing as teenagers. 

Does anyone remember ever reading (30 years back or so) that pygmies mature 
faster than the more usual human? Or am I imagining it? 



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