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> Ven and hers, Dorien and Patrick, Charlie and Hallie, bestest wishes from
> downunder.
Ditto, except, you know, not from downunder.  Yay all of you!

> Romances in DWJ - who is your favourite couple? (Channelling one of those
> trashy magazines here...)
It's odd, because I'm not particularly a _Deep Secret_ fan, but I also
have to go with Rupert and Maree.  It's just the "really?"  "yes, really,"
bit that gets me, and then in the very next scene they're already talking
happily about raising quacks - there's something about it that resonates
very powerfully with my ideal romance concept.  Yes, that really is the
way it ought to work.

Whoever mentioned Tacroy and Miss Rosalie in the minor character category,
absolutely.  Yes.

And whoever was talking about the creepy couples - perhaps because I find
the Duke to be an interesting character, I often find myself really
creeped out at the thought of an actual relationship between him and the
White Devil.  I kind of devoutly hope that the whole thing was completely
down to powerful magic and no actual seduction of any sort was involved.

Anyone who knows about my passionate Navis obsession is probably not
surprised, but I wonder about Navis's first wife.  I mean, not only did he
pine after her terribly for years, but then she was also Hildy and Ynen's
mother.  She must have been a very interesting woman, and they must have
had a very interesting relationship.  I bet, had it been written about
more, that would have been my favorite!

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