Subject: Re: [DWJ] List spin-off

Roslyn rosgross at
Thu Apr 20 01:21:18 EDT 2006

Ven wrote:

> It is lovely , lovely news indeed. I'm very
> pleased for you both.
> Further to the subject of the internet and it's
> amazing life changing effects........... I met
> someone on another list about a year ago and he
> moved in in February.......... yes, that is why I
> haven't posted much recently. <Broad grin>. I've
> got him reading the Miles Vorkosigan books, Dwj
> to follow soon, I just got Deep Secret back from
> a mate, could well be a good place to start.

So much good news from many sides is great to hear. Congratulations to you 
and your partner also, Ven!


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