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minnow at belfry.org.uk writes: 

> One ought to rejoice that a Good Thing is being spread more widely, but
> it's difficult not to feel put out at one level. 
> yeah.  I know what you mean.  Aren't we horrid and elitist?

Yus. My husband had a similar feeling when amateur radio licence 
requirements were changed. He studied very hard to get his licence, learning 
Morse and poring over the massive handbooks. He is a full-call, but he knew 
some quite clever/educated people who were Z-calls because they
couldn't quite pass the exam. Then Morse was dropped, and other things made 
easier. He evidently felt his achievement had been downgraded. 

Reading isn't the same thing, but I'm just waiting for a copy of HMC to 
appear with "the book of the film" on it. I may be forced to Cut the 

Musing on popularity... not everything popular is poorly done, but 
popularity is not a synonym for quality. I've never worked out how that 
applies with music. Train had "Drops of Jupiter" which was a hit. I like it 
very much, esp. the violin part. However, other singers/groups I admire for 
their lesser-known works. I'd take "Midnight Dream" or "Longfellow Serenade" 
over "Sweet Caroline" or "Song Sung Blue" any time. Ditto the Seekers' "Wish 
You Could be Here" and "Future Road" over "Morningtown Ride". 

Even ditto-ish DWJ - I much prefer Howl, Deep Secret and F&H to the more 
popular Charmed Life. 


Challenges failed; a failure descried-
Eleven men down- seven over the side. 

(Tom Journeyman) 

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