[DWJ] List spin-off

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Wed Apr 19 00:58:04 EDT 2006

>>   This too is OT, and not even about books, but I followed in Ania's 
>> footsteps and stayed with Hallie - and met Dorian - last week too. And I 
>> think this might be a good time to mention to the list at large what one 
>> or two of you know already, which is that Hallie and I have over the 
>> course of the last year or so become what the supermarkets call 'an 
>> item'. And it's all thanks to this list - and hence to Deborah, to the 
>> works of DWJ, and even DWJ herself, depending where you want to draw the 
>> line of causality. Either way, I'm extremely glad it happened!
>>   The list is a very romantic place to post.

I am thrilled for you both!


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