[DWJ] List spin-off

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Apr 18 17:27:24 EDT 2006

Replying to Charlie (a thing I've done once or twice before!):

>   This too is OT, and not even about books,

Not wanting to seem to be contradicting you or anything (never even 
dream of disagreeing), but it is *too* about books - Deep Secret, to 
be specific!  (We started writing off-list when the wonderful lot at 
Victor Gollancz, with delightful inefficiency, let Deep Secret go OOP 
just before The Merlin Conspiracy was due out.  And Charlie, 
typically, offered to send me his copy so I didn't have to send my 
signed one out on a Bookcrossing ring.)

>but I followed in Ania's footsteps and stayed with Hallie - and met 
>Dorian - last week too. And I think this might be a good time to 
>mention to the list at large what one or two of you know already, 
>which is that Hallie and I have over the course of the last year or 
>so become what the supermarkets call 'an item'. And it's all thanks 
>to this list - and hence to Deborah, to the works of DWJ, and even 
>DWJ herself, depending where you want to draw the line of causality. 
>Either way, I'm extremely glad it happened!

Don't think it'll be too big a surprise to anyone that I second the 
extreme gladness!

Just for the record, I read Charlie's Calypso Dreaming before ever 
exchanging an off-list word with him.  And thought it was excellent 
while only seeing him as everyone else on the list did - that new guy 
from Bristol, who seemed intelligent and interesting and witty, and 
wrote books.*


* Admittedly, my heroic gift is seeing, so picking up Calypso while a 
lot of water was still on the very far side of that (suspension) 
bridge may not have been quite the casual impulse it seemed at the 

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