[DWJ] Eastercon

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Apr 18 12:07:15 EDT 2006

Kylie invaded the Eastercon in Glasgow and wowed 'em in the aisles:

>I won the hall costume competition!!  *bounces happily*

It was the top hat that did it.  Nothing to do with the amazing happy
grin and the purple skirty bits...

>I spent some time hanging out with Minnow and Roger.  Minnow, you are a
>wonderful wonderful person!!  (Minnow found the gold ring that I lost
>and sat me down and bought me drinks while it was found).

Let's not exagerate.  I bought her a drink.  One.  And the person who 
really found the ring was the barman, who had trodden on it earlier in 
the lunch-hour but failed to realise it was a diamond and ruby ring, he 
assumed coke-can-type-ring-pull without thinking.  Barmen are a bit 
strange sometimes.

>I only wish I could get to the next Eastercon, but I'll be back in Aus
>by then.  Due to some serious pressure by the con committee (looks
>darkly at Minnow and Roger) I am a pre-supporting member.  I resisted
>pressure to buy a full membership.  I think being on another continent
>when it's on was a good excuse!  But any list members in the UK or
>Europe should definitely consider going.  If it's anything like this one
>it will be a lot of fun!  And I may yet upgrade to a supporting
>membership when my finances have recovered from this con...

It will be this year's plus: the hotel won't have air-conditioning that 
totally dehydrates everyone by taking all moisture from the air in case 
of legionaire's disease.  And the food and drinks are liely to be a bit 
cheaper, and the room-rate *definitely* will be.

>Lovely to hear about Charlie and Hallie!

Ain't it though!


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