[DWJ] Opinion sought, and a short report from soujourn in Ireland

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Mon Apr 17 16:20:53 EDT 2006

Ania asked...

> And (here at last!) while browsing Amazon for more Miles, I was informed 
> that 'readers who shopped for Bujold also bought' books by David Weber in 
> the Honor Harrington series. Reviewers rave about them and say they are 
> 'darker than Miles'. Can anyone here offer an opinion before I go crazy 
> and buy them all?

I've read two or three of them; they're okay, but not as good as the Miles 
books, IMO.  I suggest doing what I did and reading the first one or two 
from the Baen Free Library (www.baen.com/library).  If you like them, go 
ahead and spend money on them. :-)  (I didn't like them enough to want to 
replace the e-copies with paper books.)

The Baen Free Library is a great way of checking out books, incidentally.  I 
found Eric Flint's "1632" there and loved it and bought it and the sequel, 
"1633" in "real" book format.  The premise being...take a small town in 
modern West Virginia, yank it through time and space, and dump it down again 
in Central Germany in 1632.  Then sit back and watch the fun, as modern 
Americans try to cope with having landed in the middle of the Thirty Years' 
War, and the Thirty Years' War tries to cope with them.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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