[DWJ] Opinion sought, and a short report from soujourn in Ireland

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Mon Apr 17 15:10:51 EDT 2006

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, Anna Zofia Skarzynska wrote:
|And (here at last!) while browsing Amazon for more Miles, I was informed that
|'readers who shopped for Bujold also bought' books by David Weber in the Honor
|Harrington series. Reviewers rave about them and say they are 'darker than
|Miles'. Can anyone here offer an opinion before I go crazy and buy them all?

I loved the first few, which I borrowed, but by the time I got to
... book five, maybe?  and started buying them myself, I was
finding them unreadable.

A couple of points -- Weber absolutely can't resist proselytizing
his particular views of a strong personnel-based military.
Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I disagree with him, and
often I don't care, but itss vast portions of every single book
dedicated to strawman characters whose goals are to (stupidly!)
speak for the views on military preparedness which Weber
despises.  This isn't actually what drove me away from the
series, since those parts are very recognizable and I just
skipped them.

I think I stopped reading when he jumped the shark with a couple
of chapters about *entire planets* of misogynist rapists.  Then
it just got lame.  

I'd say buy the first one in paperback and decide on a
book-by-book basis thereafter.  They are indeed darker than
Miles, but nowhere near as good, in my opinion.

I never metadiscourse I didn't like.

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