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Mon Apr 10 06:14:10 EDT 2006

Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at indigo.ie> wrote:
  >And there's the F&H 'Hero business' moment in Mardy (homage rather 
than anything else), though I can't remember the exact wording atm.
  There's also a more explicit DWJ homage, in the form of the classroom note accusing someone of witchcraft. The climax, too, was a conscious attempt to do 'a DWJ ending', of the kind where everyone in the story turns up in the same place at the same time, there are multiple revelations, etc - though nothing more specific than that.
  As for the books Sally lists, I've not read (or heard of) *Displaced Person*, and although I read *Catalogue of the Universe* a long while ago, I don't remember it at all well. *The Changeover* on the other hand is one of my Big Books, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if something Mahy-ish leaked into FOMW from that source - perhaps including the maid-mother-crone combo, although that's not original to Mahy either, of course (ObDWJ - isn't there another one in *The Merlin Conspiracy*, or did I misremember that?). Not the coma, though, which doesn' t really have the same place in the story (Mardy isn't trying to save her brother, the way Laura's trying to save Jacko).
  I'd like to add David Almond's *Skellig* to the 'Sister in a Coma' list (with apologies to the Smiths).

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