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Sort of OT... but ties in with the lists of favourite books. Anyone else 
know books with the elements listed? 


The Fetch of Mardy Watt,
Charles Butler,
Collins, 2004 

Mardy Watt is in her first year of high school. A queen bee the year before, 
she now finds herself a nonentity, with only eccentric Hal Young as a 
friend. Her brother Alan has been in an unexplained coma for three months, 
and the new girl at school, Rachel Fludd, hates her. 

This situation worsens abruptly when Mardy hears an extraordinary chord of 
music that shakes her world to its foundations. Almost immediately, people 
begin greeting Mardy with surprise, swearing she has just gone upstairs, 
entered a shop, or left for school. Soon it becomes evident that Mardy's 
double, or fetch, is taking over her life, and as the fetch strengthens, 
Mardy fades. Only Hal and possibly Rachel can help her, but before Mardy can 
explain anything much, she finds herself in a strange empty world known as 
Uraniborg. Meanwhile, Hal discovers a way to save Mardy… but the cost will 
be enormous. 

The Fetch of Mardy Watt is a wonderfully literate fantasy, well-paced and 
well crafted. It has elements of Margaret Mahy's style in it, and a touch of 
Diana Wynne Jones. Various themes and subjects such as mara, fetches, 
magicians and spiritual vampires, body swapping and morality blend into a 
natural whole. This author has a firm hand on his reins and I'll be actively 
looking for more of his titles. 

I particularly enjoyed this book for its originality, but it also had echoes 
of other books I have read and enjoyed. These may be accidental, as I doubt 
if the author is familiar with the titles I know. Margaret Mahy's THE 
PERSON. Here, just for fun, are some of those shared elements. 

Mardy lives with her mother and brother       Fetch of Mardy Watt
Laura lives with her mother and brother	Changeover
Mardy's brother Alan is in an unexplained coma FoMW
Laura's brother Jacko is in an unexplained coma CH
Mardy has an eccentric friend, Hal. FoMW
Angela has an eccentric friend, Tycho. CotU
Mardy fades slowly from people's sight. FoMW
Graeme fades slowly from people's sight. DP
A malignant magician/demon has bespelled Alan. FoMW
A malignant magician/demon has bespelled Jacko. CH
Mardy is uneasily aware of a connection with a strange classmate, Rachel. 
Laura is aware of a connection with a strange schoolmate, Sorry. CH
A witch, Rachel, provides the information Mardy needs. FoMW
A witch, Sorry, provides information Laura needs to save Jacko. CH
Rachel lives with her mother and "the elder"… but is an aspect of them. 
(Mother, Maiden, Crone.) FoMW
Sorry lives with his mother and grandmother… who had him because they were 
trying to create Mother, Maiden, Crone. CH
The demon (The Mayor/ Mere, Mara, Mrs Mumm) is finally driven out of its 
chosen body. FoMW
The demon (Carmody Bracque) is finally driven out of its body. CH
Mardy finds herself in an allegorical half world. FoMW
Laura enters an allegorical world to become a witch. CH
Graeme  finds himself in a grey world. DP
The world has points on contact with the normal world. DP
Angela is a queen bee at school. CotU
Mardy has been queen bee at school. FoMW
Music effects the grey world – DP
Music is the key to the half world - FoMW 

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